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Overcoming Opiate Addiction

At Opiate Detox Institute, your sobriety is our priority. We offer patients the gold standard in expert care, privacy, and recovery at our rapid opiate detox clinic. By providing detox in a safe, medical setting, our patients can ease into the recovery process without a physical dependency on opiates. Our rapid opiate detox specialists are trained to assist patients in avoiding potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. At our California opiate detox center, safety and effectiveness drive everything that we do.

understand-rapid-detox  - Rapid Opiate Detox Clinic - California
Learn more about how the process works and what to expect out of your treatment.
Is It Safe - rapid opiate detox clinic - California
Our approach is innovative, but proven to be safe and effective. Learn more about how we help you detox quickly and safely.
Dangers of Opiates - rapid opiate detox clinic - California
Understanding the risks of opiates may be your first step toward recovery.
rapid opiate detox clinic - California


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    Rapid Detox is a Revolutionary Procedure

    Experience safe detox in only 30 to 90 minutes in a surgical setting, and experience recovery in a center staffed with experts.

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    It’s Unlike Any Other

    With full evaluation and testing beforehand, and a team of medical professionals at your side, you can be confident in your safety and comfort.

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    Don’t Do It Alone

    You can avoid many of the unpleasant symptoms of detox and withdrawal by taking advantage of our method.

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    Rapid Detox Success Stories

    I am so happy to have my sobriety back. I can’t believe that I had a drug addiction just a few weeks ago. I feel so free today!

    Thank you, Dr. Nourbakhsh, for giving me my life back!

    I am so fortunate to be able to skip the two to three months of traditional rehab, and just jump right in to learning how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle again. Thank you to the whole team.

    Your staff was so encouraging and supportive, and kind. I really appreciate the time you spent to go over all of the details of the procedure with me. Coming to your center for rapid detox was worth the travel.

    I feel like you have saved not just my life, but my job, my marriage, and my friendships. Everyone should have access to this lifesaving procedure.

    Dr. Nourbakhsh is a very compassionate doctor, and I really felt like I was his only patient. My experience was excellent and I have a fresh start.

    Me and my whole family are now doing great! I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent with me and the awesome results I have experienced. It’s like night and day!

    I didn’t realize until after my procedure that I had been numb to so much. I feel like I am seeing life in color again and can feel all of my emotions.

    I always avoided attempting to get clean, because I thought it would be traumatic and take weeks. Instead, I’m feeling on top of the world with my new lease on life, and I can’t believe how simply and quickly I was able to feel this way.

    Thank you so much! I can’t wait to share my journey with others. It is incredible to wake up every morning and know that I no longer depend on drugs to make it through the day. I am a new person!