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Safety of Rapid Detox

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Learn more about the proven safety of rapid detox.

Rapid detox is unlike other medical detox programs. It is a process that takes just 30 to 90 minutes in a surgical center, under the supervision of licensed and board-certified physicians.

  • The safety of rapid detox is the highest priority in patient care
  • Our staff is thoroughly trained and experienced



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    Experienced Staff and Accredited Facility

    Rapid detox is performed in a fully equipped surgical center that exceeds the standards of care. The staff at the facility has many years of experience in treating addiction and in the delivery of specialty health care services, including anesthesia. The patient care team has created a thorough protocol of safety that is applied to every patient.

    All Patient Needs Are Addressed

    The staff at Opiate Detox Institute address all of a patient’s medical and psychological needs. They are able to handle addiction that is related to multiple types of substances, along with any other issues that the patient encounters that could affect the detox process. Each patient is given a customized treatment plan based upon his or her individual needs for care.

    Thorough Patient Evaluations

    In order to ensure that all patient needs are addressed, patients participate in testing prior to the procedure. These tests, such as checking for pregnancy and anemia, are performed in order to make sure that every aspect of the patient’s health is considered before detox begins. The results of the physical examination and testing are used to create the detailed patient treatment plan.

    Safe Sedation Procedures

    The sedation used for rapid detox is safe and helps to enhance the patient’s comfort. Rather than having to insert a breathing tube that can cause lingering discomfort and painful swallowing, such as the type used with general anesthesia, the sedation uses a simple intravenous line that delivers a medication that relaxes the patient to the point of sleep. The recovery time from sedation is much faster than that for general anesthesia and does not involve related side effects, such as vomiting.

    Post-Recovery Patient Care

    To continue ensuring patient safety, the patient moves to a residential aftercare facility for a few days after the rapid detox procedure. This helps to manage the side effects of withdrawal, such as mood changes. Further counseling and therapy are recommended after detox in order to improve results.