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Board-Certified Anesthesiologist


Dr. Nourbakhsh is committed to patient care and comfort.

Dr. Nourbakhsh is a graduate of Western University of Health Sciences, where he obtained his medical degree. He went on to finish his residency at New York Medical College in anesthesiology, with extensive training in intensive care and acute medical management.

  • He then obtained his certificate in Medical Substance Abuse Detox
  • Nourbakhsh has since been serving the community in addiction medicine.


Very professional place, very caring. I highly recommend coming to this detox center to get clean. Its the best way to get clean hands down.
Matt Dyer
Matt Dyer
this place literally changed my life. i was hopeless and felt out of options. but just when i was about to give up i came across these guys. jim and Dr norbaksh treated me well. the experience turnef out better than i could imagine. i am now 6 months sober and counting 🙂
Not a real rapid detox. Crazy stuff!! Armatures
Michael Hold
Michael Hold
I'm so grateful I chose this place to have my procedure done!!! Compassionate, caring, great bed side manner Dr. Nourbaksh and nurses!!! I could see and feel how much they really cared about me! It really shined thru. Even after I left and went home, the Dr. was always available to talk to me and help me. I would encourage anyone thinking about doing this to call and talk to them. You'll see what i'm talking about!
I felt very well cared for and that every possible aid was made known and available to me. I felt like I was Dr Nourbash's only patient and that I was seen in my entirety, not just a collection of facts and figures on a computer screen. I felt heard and SEEN. I was able to complete the process and return home in a short amount of time, fully supported in the weeks following, and know that they are there for me as the months of recovery continue
Chris Roy
Chris Roy
Although I still think this was a wonderful place to go for this procedure, I made a huge mistake. I did not look into what was causing my pain to begin with before I got off medications. The pain was masked by the meds too well. Now I am in bad pain and none of own Drs will even temporarily prescribed pain medication until they find a way to deal with what's wrong in my neck. We did an MRI and there's a lot wrong in my neck. Right now I am very unhappy, but I think Opiate Detox did a good job. I've been left hanging, in pain waiting weeks testing done and to get prior authorizations done by my previous Drs. Don't do this if you are a pain patient before You find out exactly how to handle your pain first. Jennifer_______________________________________I was there almost 3 weeks ago, one of the best places I could recommend. They were caring, kind, efficient and know exactly how to handle everything. Not only when you are a patient, but once you're home they don't hesitate to call and follow up especially if you have a question. I had constant care around-the-clock for the days I was there. The doctors and nurses are amazing. For whatever reason you've made this decision, I couldn't recommend any place more.
Thanks for everything you guys did when I was there. This is the best place for drug addiction treatment center.


Dr Nourbakhsh has found joy in most fields of medicine throughout his career in helping people overcome diseases affecting different body organs. However, his special interest in addiction medicine arises from the fact that it is in this field of medicine that overcoming one’s disease doesn’t just fix one organ but fixes the entire person, when one is reborn to self and unleashes unlimited potential that is in us humans by default.

As an osteopathic physician, he combines a holistic approach in medicine with the cutting-edge advantages of medical science to deliver a well-tailored and individualized detox for each patient. He is also one of the few physicians in the nation with expertise in ultra-rapid detox, AKA anesthesia assisted opiate detox. Dr. Nourbakhsh is the co-founder of Advanced Opiate Detox Institute, where safe and ultra rapid one-day opiate detox is performed.

Dr. Nourbakhsh’s vision in addiction has shaped his practice in a unique way. We believe that no two addictions are the same and every individual requires a dedicated road plan. Also, medicine should be used as a comforting yet temporary means to cut a patient’s physical dependency, yet a sustainable and fruitful plan is achievable only with a comprehensive plan that includes strengthening one’s faith and factors in psycho-social support.