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Common Signs Of Heroin Use

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Opiates are among the most addictive drugs that a person can use with heroin being at the top of the list of those drugs. Sometimes, you might not realize that someone else is using heroin because they hide the marks on the arms from the needles or try to maintain a normal life while overcoming the feelings that are associated with using heroin. After some time of using the drug, there are a few signs that you will usually begin to notice that can alert you that the person needs help of some kind.

External Signs

A common sign that someone could be using heroin or another opiate is track marks on the arms or legs. These are marks left after using needles to inject the drug into the bloodstream. You could also notice bruising and other discolorations on areas of the skin aside from the arms and legs, such as the hands, feet, and the sides of the neck. Another sign that you might notice is bloodshot eyes. This happens because the person usually stays awake for longer periods of time. As the body begins to need more sleep, then the eyes can become bloodshot. The pupils can appear small and like pinpoints.

Eating Habits

Pay attention to the eating habits of the person you suspect is using heroin. While using the drug, the appetite is usually suppressed. This will cause weight loss over a short time. Weight loss could also occur because the person is spending more money on heroin or other drugs instead of food that is needed to maintain the health of the body.

Holding Secrets

Some people will start behaving in a secretive manner. They will hide from people so that no one knows about the drug use. They will sneak away from crowds so that they can use the drug without anyone knowing. You might begin to notice that the person will keep secrets about money and begin to ask for money to get drugs but claim that the money will be used for bills or other necessities. If you suspect that someone you know is using heroin, you should try to gently approach the topic while offering information about the dangers of the drug. The impacts on the body will only get worse over time and could result in death if the person doesn’t stop using the drug. Rehab is a good option for someone who has support from family and friends and who wants to get help.