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See how we are different from other approaches to addiction treatment.

One of the main concerns that drug addicts and their loved ones have about drug detox is what happens during the withdrawal phase. Withdrawal is the process that occurs when you first attempt to wean yourself off the substance of your choosing. Though you can go through the withdrawal process at home, it’s best that you work with professionals until you recover. Our rapid detoxification program can:

  • Help you get off opiates and other substances in a shorter period of time
  • Help you recuperate in a safe environment


What Happens During Drug Withdrawal?

Detox is the first step in helping you get off drugs. The problem is that some addicts have a hard time dealing with the symptoms of withdrawal during drug detox. Those symptoms can come on just a few hours after you last used that drug or eight hours or more after you discontinue use. Symptoms may include a general unhealthy feeling, headache, tightness in your chest, muscle pains, uncontrollable shaking, nausea and vomiting. A small number of people may also lose consciousness.

How Long Does Rapid Detoxification Take?

If you ever attempted to detox at home, or you watched a loved one detox at home, you know that it can take a long time. Some patients continue experiencing symptoms for several hours, but others may experience symptoms for a few days. The rapid detoxification process helps any patient recover faster. It can take as little as 30 minutes up to a total of 90 minutes. Once the detox process ends, patients feel like a weight just lifted off their chests.

How Does Rapid Detox Work?

Rapid detox is a healthier and safer alternative to traditional detox programs and plans. When you enter the facility, our medical professionals will take your history, talk with you more about how the program works and ensure that you are ready to live a life free of drugs. Workers will then prep patients for the procedure and help them feel more comfortable before administering a dose of anesthesia. Most patients wake within 90 minutes or less without any cravings for the drugs they used before. If you want to stop using narcotics, opiates and other types of drugs but worry about going through withdrawal, rapid detoxification is a great option.

What Comes Next?

The problem with other detoxification programs is that those facilities offer little in the way of aftercare. Some will actually send you to a hotel room immediately after the procedure and expect you to recover on your own. Though you should notice a significant lack in your cravings for that drug, you still need some extra help after completing rapid detox. Our exclusive center is a fully accredited surgical center that has private rooms available for each patient. After you finish the procedure, you’ll have the chance to recover in your own private room as doctors and other medical professionals attend to your needs. After about a day, you will be released to a recovery center for a few days.

Are There Other Treatment Options Available?

While there are other treatment options available to those who are addicted to drugs, those programs lack the benefits associated with rapid detox. When you withdraw and detox at home, you risk falling into a coma, losing consciousness or experiencing symptoms that leave you sick to your stomach and struggling to keep yourself awake. Rapid detoxification is the only type of drug treatment that lets you fall asleep with trained professionals watching over you and wake feeling refreshed and able to conquer the world again without drugs holding you back.

Why Go to a Medical Center?

The biggest reason to choose a medical center for your rapid detox is because you’ll have access to a host of resources. If you experience any side effects or problems, a doctor will be right there by your side to help you. Medical centers also have comfortable and exclusive recovery rooms that let you recover from your detox without sharing a room with another patient. Those doctors, nurses and counselors can also help you in the days after drug detox to talk with you about what you want to do next and how you can continue living a safe and happy life.

Benefits of Rapid Detoxification

If someone told you that you could finally kick that monkey off your back in under two hours, you might laugh and even roll your eyes. With rapid detoxification, you really can get rid of that monkey. Rapid detoxification is a simple procedure that puts you under anesthesia for up to 90 minutes. As the drugs leave your body, you’ll wake feeling rested and both happier and healthier than you have in months or even years. As part of a drug treatment plan, rapid detox can help you start your life anew and enjoy the freedom that comes from living your daily life without drugs.

Exclusive and Confidential

One of the biggest benefits to choosing rapid detoxification over other detoxification options is that your information remains completely confidential. As insurance policies typically do not cover these programs, you won’t worry about your insurance company accidentally leaking information about your stay. You can also rest assured that your family and friends won’t see paperwork sent to your home. Rapid detoxification helps you finally get off drugs in as little as 90 minutes or less and then lets you recover in an exclusive facility that will help you feel safe and comfortable until you feel ready to head home again.

Rapid detoxification works well with those suffering from opiate addictions. This family of drugs include heroin and some prescription painkillers that patients take to cope with injuries or chronic pain. Adjusting the way you take a prescription that your doctor gave you can lead to an addiction. Rapid detox is one of the best ways to recover from that addiction and escape the hold that the drug has over you. Learn more about how the process works, the benefits of going through detox and more.