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Staying Drug Free After Rapid Detox

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A rapid detox can get you drug free in one day. Once you participate in rapid detox, you will have access to many resources in order to remain drug free. Staying drug free after detox can be accomplished through the professional services recommended by our doctors and staff. Certain lifestyle changes can also help you to stay free of drug addiction.

Residential Aftercare Recovery Center

After you have gone through our rapid detox program, your professional treatment continues at our aftercare facility. In our residential aftercare center, you will have care delivered by our dedicated staff. Our residential aftercare recovery center is staffed by individuals with personal experience in the recovery and detox from opiate drugs.

Psychological Counseling

Psychological counseling is also important to staying drug free after our rapid detox services. We recommend that you seek out daily counseling services for you to attend individually, as well as group counseling sessions so that you can understand that you are not alone in your efforts to remain drug free.

During your individual counseling sessions, counselors can help you to work through the situations that caused you to turn to drugs in the first place. Counseling professionals can also help you to process your feelings and to develop positive coping mechanisms that will help you to deal with any challenging life situation that comes your way. Having healthy coping mechanisms will allow you to persevere through the difficulties that may surface.

Lifestyle Changes

Another important part of staying drug free after rapid detox is initiating healthy behaviors. One great way to start implementing healthy life changes is with good nutrition. Nutritious foods can help to boost your mood and can help your body to recover and gain strength. Exercise can also be an important part in staying free of drugs after rapid detox. Energy provides you with a boost of mood and an influx of energy that you can put to positive use.

You may also consider enrolling in continuing education or finishing your diploma or college degree for new motivation. Continued support from a counselor or recovery group can also help you to avoid the situations where you would be tempted to use drugs.