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Beat Drug Addiction in One Day

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The rapid detox procedure allows you to beat opiate addiction in just one day. This service is offered in a fully equipped surgical center. The procedure takes just 30 to 90 minutes, unlike other types of detox that can take up to 120 days to be complete. The doctors who perform this procedure are licensed and board-certified in addiction medicine. In a comfortable and state-of-the-art facility, you will have access to all of the medical and support services that are necessary in order for you to beat opiate addiction.

Benefits of Rapid Detox

The rapid detox procedure allows you to get back into the real world as soon as possible. Instead of spending months in a treatment center, you will be able to return to being the productive person you were before addiction. With rapid detox, you will be able to enter a job training program, complete your education, and get yourself situated in a safe and comfortable living environment. You will have a head start on getting your life back in order and gaining your self-confidence and self-esteem. Our rapid detox procedure means that you will be able to avoid withdrawal and cravings for opiates, which allows you to move forward with all of the positive things that life has to offer.

Who Qualifies for Rapid Detox Services?

When you visit a rapid detox center, you will have a consultation with doctors and psychologists. You will have a thorough evaluation, including testing for pregnancy and anemia. This allows your medical team to create a personalized rapid detox treatment program just for you in order to ensure your safety and the procedure’s effectiveness.

What to Expect During One Day Detox

You will be sedated during the procedure. This helps to prevent side effects such as nausea when you awaken. After the procedure, your body will be free of opiates. Your medical team will monitor your recovery and serve you nutritious foods and beverages to help restore your energy. You may have some mood swings, feel sleepy, or have some changes in your appetite for a day or two after rapid detox. Your doctors will encourage you to seek out counseling and aftercare services. These important support services help to get you back into the community as quickly as possible so that you can look forward to living a drug-free life.