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Comparing Rapid Detox vs. Traditional Withdrawal

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The withdrawal process is one of the most important keys to addiction recovery. Ridding your body of addictive substances such as opiates is often the first step taken towards sobriety, right after making the brave decision to enter a treatment program. Without first undergoing detox and withdrawal, however, recovery and long-lasting rehab cannot be initiated.

Traditional Detox

The traditional detoxification process can take anywhere from 90 to 120 days to completely rid your body of toxins and overcome a painful withdrawal process. The withdrawal aftereffects of detox are normally relieved with medications and counseling, but the road ahead is still long and patients often suffer painful symptoms and continue to have cravings for the addictive substance.

One-Day Rapid Detox

An alternative to traditional detox is the rapid detox approach, which can cut down the waiting time for toxin removal quite dramatically in addition to eradicating withdrawal symptoms. With rapid detox, you can be drug free within one day, as opposed to weeks or months of needless suffering.

During rapid detox, medication called naloxone is administered that changes the effects opioids have on your body. The entire rapid detox procedure takes just 30 to 90 minutes. The procedure is performed in a surgical center with a professional medical staff monitoring you throughout the process. As the body is being detoxed, the withdrawal process is taking place simultaneously. You would be sedated during this time, so there is no awareness of the painful and arduous withdrawal symptoms that most people going through detox experience. Upon completion of the procedure, you will be free of drugs, have no withdrawal symptoms, and feel no physical cravings.

After undergoing the rapid detox procedure, you are moved to a recovery room and then carefully observed. Aftercare following rapid detox ensures that you are fully adjusted to the changes that have taken place in your system. Your body will be free of drugs, but the threat of a relapse remains. Visiting a recovery center for aftercare following rapid detox gives you more tools to stay on the road to recovery in comfort.

Eliminating the Fear of Withdrawal

Because the rapid detox procedure combines detoxification with treatment for painful withdrawal symptoms at the same time while you are anesthetized, the anxiety associated with a withdrawal process is greatly mitigated. Completing detoxification and withdrawal from opioids within one day’s time gives you a tremendous benefit and an edge on succeeding in overcoming your addiction to opioids.