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Comparing Rapid Detox vs. Traditional Withdrawal

The withdrawal process is one of the most important keys to addiction recovery. Ridding your body of addictive substances such as opiates is often the first step taken towards sobriety, right after making the brave decision to enter a treatment program. Without first undergoing detox and withdrawal, however, recovery and long-lasting rehab cannot be initiated. Traditional Detox The traditional detoxification process can take anywhere from 90 to 120 days to completely rid...


What Rapid Detox Can Do for Opiate Addiction

The decision to treat an opiate addiction may feel overwhelming for many people. When considering the fact that the majority of traditional recovery programs take approximately 90-120 days, the process can feel even more daunting. Fortunately, other programs, such as rapid detox, promotes a much faster recovery time. The detox and withdrawal phases of the process are completed in about 90 minutes or less. Why Is Opiate Detox Important? Many people find...


Staying Drug Free After Rapid Detox

A rapid detox can get you drug free in one day. Once you participate in rapid detox, you will have access to many resources in order to remain drug free. Staying drug free after detox can be accomplished through the professional services recommended by our doctors and staff. Certain lifestyle changes can also help you to stay free of drug addiction. Residential Aftercare Recovery Center After you have gone through our rapid...


What to Expect of Rapid Detox

Detoxification involves ridding the body of addictive substances that are toxic to your system. Undergoing a rapid detox procedure helps you withdraw from drugs, such as opiates, at an accelerated rate and within a shorter time frame than other processes. Undergoing rapid detox includes going through the withdrawal process while safely sedated, so that you can be drug free in one day. The Rapid Detox Procedure Before undergoing rapid detox, you undergo...


The Dangers of Opiate Withdrawal

The most challenging part of recovering from addiction for many people is the initial withdrawal process. It's during this early stage of recovery when your body is physically and mentally adjusting to life without certain substances. With opiates, there are changes within the brain that create biological dependence over time. For this reason, there are many dangers associated with opiate withdrawal you should be aware of as you prepare to...


Understanding Opiate Addiction

The intended use of opiate drugs is to provide relief for moderate-to-severe pain. It's the way opiates work within the brain that sometimes creates a physical dependence to these drugs. Addiction to opiates often develops over time due to prolonged use, which can make it difficult to stop taking these medications. Dependence on opiates can reach a point where personal and professional aspects of life are affected. What Is Opiate Addiction? According...